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Have you noticed how so many marketing and business-building services seem to claim and offer pretty much the same thing?

Ever wonder why?

It’s because they’re all drinking from the same punch bowl. They aren’t marketing innovators. They’re mostly marketing wannabes that don’t know where to start in giving you a distinct advantage in your marketplace.

And they are swarming on the Internet like flies on hooey.

Sure, there’s a new tactic or software app or social media venue that comes along every now and then. But those things will NEVER, EVER solve your most basic, foundational marketing problems, issues and challenges for good.


Sure, they might work for a while, but because nothing stays the same, nothing works forever.

Your competition copies you, or you them, and the playing field levels again.

But what about creative concepts and graphics?

You need to realize and accept that successful marketing is not some magical, mysterious, creative brain fart that somehow dawns on you when you are taking a shower.

Doing “Creative” can be crucial, but not how 90% of marketers use it.

And your customers true and real buying criteria is NEVER based on your logo or other graphics concepts, no matter how much money you spend or how badly you want it to be that way.

Creative concepts and graphics are like icing on cake. Too much of it is a waste – it’s sickening. And if the cake sucks, who really wants to just eat your icing?

It’s also not just doing the same things as and making similar statements as your competitors. That’s “blend in” marketing, not “stand out” marketing.

Few marketers will admit it, but (most of them) are doing things the same way they did 5 or 10 or 15 years ago.

Marketers today pump the pedals on the bicycle, but they don’t make it a better, more appealing, different bicycle.

 And that’s what you need – a Valued-Differentiated business that clearly stands out from your competitors instead of blending in by saying and doing variations of the same things over and over.

The claims of your certified, family-owned, life-time guaranteed, easy-to-find, highly trained business are not that different from those of your competition.

So let’s be honest here – if making those claims was really all that impactful to your market, you wouldn’t be  reading this page right now.

Because your niche is now as competitive as ever (as most all niches are at this point), it’s much less effective to limit yourself to the strategies and tactics that used to work because they no longer get the same level of results.

Your marketing exposure has changed.
The competition is tougher than ever.

The overall marketing dynamic has changed.
It’s easier for you to be copied.

And the risks of being and staying in business have changed.
Our economy will never be truly safe.

You can’t mess around anymore.

Businesses are beginning to realize they are underestimating the time, the effort, and the know-how it takes to succeed in getting more consistent sales on a regular basis.

The basic concepts you need are still effective, but you have to take them to a new level – higher than ever – to get the advantages that allow you to dominate your competition.

Who’s going to make this happen for you?

You must be willing to either do the work yourself or have it done for you.

Otherwise…well, you know where it goes from there.

Success doesn’t truly happen by accident in such a highly competitive world.

We can help turn your business around or turn up the results you’re getting now to an all-time high.

Remember – it’s about differentiating with value. It’s not about trying to scream the same claims louder or more “creatively” than your competition.

Consumers are bored with one upmanship and tired of BS claims of things you think are special that are what they already expect from you.

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To survive in today’s economy, you can’t just “get by”.

Nothing stays the same.

Your business either gets better or worse and the world continues to advance whether you do or not.

Do you keep up or fall behind?

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